Choosing The Best Jane 4549 J36 Protective Pad Xtenf

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Jane 4549 J36 Protective Pad Xtenf

Jane 4549 J36 Protective Pad Xtenf Detail Features and Description :


  • Fang body for Monte Carlo, MonteCarlo R1


Xtend, technically known as an impact shield, is a protective cushion that effectively operates as a child retention system. The easy to use accessory means that children of between 9 – 18Kgs group 1 can safely travel in seats that are designed for group 2 or 3. Essentially, by adding the XTEND to either Montecarlo model, the car seat can be used for children from 9 – 36Kgs in weight. FEATURES By adding the XTEND to Montecarlo and Montecarlo Plus, the car seats can be used for children from 9 – 36 Kgs in weight, group 1, 2 3. Manufactured from Expanded Polystyrene, lightweight but also highly energy absorbent. Extra ventilation windows allows your child to feel comfortable and fresh while traveling.

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